Business-Intelligence-as-a-Service platform for exploring data from a wide range of sources.

Purpose: Business Intelligence

Maintenance status: Actively Maintained

License: Commercial

Language: Unknown


Our take:

Chartio is a hosted/web-based BI tool that seems to be aiming to fulfill the 'anyone can be a data scientist' dream. Lots of reference across the site to "simple to use" and "easy to setup". Integrate data across a variety of sources (from data stores like MongoDB to SaaS products like Google Analytics) and

Although it doesn't offer a direct integration with MongoDB, you can stream data to a PostgreSQL instance using Stripe's MoSQL project. Find more info in their MongoDB-specific documentation here

This page is a work in progress. Please bear with me while I bring it up to speed. In the meantime, feel free to leave your thoughts on this tool in the comments below. Or, if you are the developer of this tool, please let me know of any updated information I should have.